Community Outreach 

Connecting with the local community to help local breast cancer patients

Our Story

Bras Across the CAUSEway was created for a simple and needed cause. We provide direct financial support to the local breast cancer patients of The Breast Center at Providence Hospital. These payments are not used to fund research.

We are helping the women, and men, fighting breast cancer cover basic living expenses. This can include paying bills, buying groceries, and putting gas in their car. Giving them the freedom to focus on what matters. We view these contributions as an investment in our communities. 

With Your Help, We are Making a Difference!

See how Bras Across the CAUSEway made a difference for Alexandria Dale. In this video, Dale talks about her fight against breast cancer, and the impact it had on her and her family.
Hear her full story

News and Updates

2019 Bras Across the CAUSEway Event Information

2019 Bras Across the CAUSEway Event Information

Bras Across the CAUSEway 2019 5k and 1-mile Fun RunWe want to thank everyone who participated with us during the Restaurant Rally on Thursday. This year's event has been very special to all of us on the Bras Across the CAUSEway committee. Before the event begins, we...

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Sponsorship Sign Up Form

Sponsorship Sign Up Form

Sponsorship Sign Up FormThank you for your interest in Bras Across the CAUSEway. The money raised goes directly to local breast cancer patients. Becoming a sponsor is easy. Review the Sponsorship levels below Fill out/download the submission form Submit your payment...

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Paint the Cannon Pink – 2019 Press Release

Paint the Cannon Pink – 2019 Press Release

Bras Across the “Cause”way is painting the Cannon Pink Saturday, September 27, 2019 at 9:00 AM Bras Across the CAUSEway is painting the cannon, located at the intersection of Government Stree, Houston Stree, and Old Government Street. The cannon will be painted pink...

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Our Programs

Bras Across the CAUSEway provides direct support to the patients of The Breast Center at Providence Hospital. Find other ways you can get involved with the cause!

5k & 1-Mile Fun Run

Make every step matter during our 5K and 1-Mile Fun Run starting at Meaher State Park. Food, drinks and bounce houses are available. There is something fun for everyone during our family-friendly event!

Restaurant Rally

Raising money for our local breast cancer patients has never been so delicious. Join us at one of our participating restaurants during the Restaurant Rally to support our community!

Sponsors and Volunteers

Looking to give direct support to local breast cancer patients? Contact one of our team members and find out how Bras Across the CAUSEway can help you make a difference!

Raise money to support local breast cancer patients

Every dollar counts, so run, eat, or donate with Bras Across the CAUSEway. With your help, we can provide direct support to the patients of The Breast Center at Providence Hospital.

Our Partners & Sponsors

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A Letter from the Board

We started Bras Across the CAUSEway because we saw a need. We had been a part of other non-profit organizations that would raise awareness for breast cancer or would raise money for research, and there was a point where we participated with other organizations that would donate a portion of their proceeds to patients to help pay for bills or other living expenses. At the end of the day though, we saw that local breast cancer patients were struggling to maintain a living. So we got together and formed Bras Across the CAUSEway, to bring relief to our local patients.

We started off with a simple 5K and Fun Run and grew from there. We still host the 5K and Fun Run, but now we also have the Restaurant Rally. Our goal is to launch even more events in the future, keep growing and raising money to provide more aid to the women, and men, who are afflicted by breast cancer.

Bras Across the CAUSEway does not fund research or help pay insurance. We want the money raised by our local community to stay with our local community. We do this simply because we understand the emotional stress that battling cancer brings, and when you add in the inability to work because treatments or the disease, that stress only grows. Bras Across the CAUSEway not only helps the patients but their families, by helping to put food on the tables, gas in the car, cover utility bills or even the occasional mortgage payments.

The funds are not a hand-out to someone fallen on hard times. These are a helping hand up. Everyone at Bras Across the CAUSEway views these contributions as an investment in our own community, and we hope you will continue to provide us with your loving support to make Mobile and Baldwin County a better place.

Bras across the Causeway Committee
Bras across the CAUSEway Committee

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